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Prize of the Council of Europe 'Flag of Honour' of the European  Union for the town of Reńska Wieś

  Reńska Wieś town is awarded with the 'Flag of Honour' of the Council of Europe.

On the 26th April 2017 during the session in Strasbourg the Committee on Soccial Affairs and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided to honour Reńska Wieś municipality with the 'Flag of Honour' of the European Union.

It rewards municipality for the active promotion of European ideal and mutual activities, initiatives with other twin municipalities from other countries (twinnings, European events, exchange visits).

Reńska Wieś is one of 8 european municipalities that is bestowed with this prize for its actions in the European domain: 

France-Saint-Germain-en Laye, 



 Serbia- Kanjiza,

 Turkey- Karsiyaka,

 Ukraine-Khmelnytsky oblast, 

Nilufer- Municipality of Bursa.

Created by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe  in 1955 offers every year four awards:  'European Diploma',  'Flag of Honour', ' Plaque of Honour' and 'Europe Prize'.

The 2017' Flag of Honour' can be bestowed on a European town that contributes to raising European awareness. It can be won by local authorities that have international cooperation in numerous fields ( economic, cultural, education) which translates into many projects being carried out with foreign partners.

The committee underlines the importance of mutual cooperation and sharing culture of nations and societies to build european family.

The Europe Prize award system

The awarding of the various prize levels is progressive. Following the entry level 'European Diploma' applicant municipalities should apply for 'The Flag of Honour' then 'The Plaque of Honour' in order to compete at the highest level: 'The Europe Prize'.

I First step - The European Diploma

The first step in selecting Europe Prizewinners. Reńska Wieś municipality was awarded to 'The European Diploma' in 2015.

Mayor of our town - Mr Marian Wojciechowski was present at the official ceremony at the Palais de I'Europe in Strasbourg during the session of the Parliamentary Assembly

II Second step - The Flag of Honour

The flag embroidered and fringed with gold is the most popular award, an essential step towards the 'Plaque of Honour' and the 'Europe Prize'. Member of the Parliamentary Assembly will present it to the town of Reńska Wieś at a municipal ceremony open to a wide public on the 9th July 2017 (Herbowe Święto)

III Third step - the Plaque of Honour

It consists in its upper part of brass figures representing the rape of Europe, in the central part of the twelve stars of Europe with the year the Plaque was awarded inscribed in the middle, and on the lower part a stylised map of the Great Europe indicating the name of the prize winning municipality. It is presented to the winning municipality by a member of the Parliamentary Assembly at a ceremony to which the local population is invited.

IV Fourth step - Europe  Prize

The highest award created in 1955 to recognize outstanding efforts in promoting European unity. Every year only one or two prizes are awarded to Plaque and Flag winners. This is no empty honour. The Trophy (held for a year) the bronze medal and the commemorative parchment accompany a scholarship to fund European study visits for young people. The President of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly presents the prize at a municipally - organised 'Europe Day' attended by the Europe Prize Sub -Committee. Local authorities of Reńska Wieś town hope that one day will be awarded to the 'Plaque of Honour' and the 'Europe Prize' providing that all the efforts will be continued. European ideas will be still spread in local society and in twin towns too.

We believe that the 'Flag of Honour' will motivate us to take up next steps to create even stronger link between european nations.

Town of Reńska Wieś  is internationally honoured by the Council of Europe with the 'Flag of Honour' and we apprreciate this fact very much. We are very proud to be perceived as a perfect example of total engagement in spreading the ideas of united Europe . Most of all this is a huge distinction for our local community, educational institutions, local organisations and artistic groups. They are very conscious how important is the cooperation and mutual understanding with local communities from twin towns to achieve local development.

This award is very important for us because it gave us possibility to build the bridges between Eastern and Western Europe.

The Prize of Europe gave thousands of young people the possibility to travel and take part in visit exchanges  in whole Europe.

A lot of towns gained recognition from international organisations and as a result they were reinforced.

I would like to mention that the town of Reńska Wieś has got partnership agreements with foreign twin towns such as:

*Horka - Germany (2000)

*Andelska Hora- Czech Republic (2001)

*Szendehely - Hungary (2006)

*Tarnovci- Ukraine (2007)

*Neuestein - Germany (2013)

Partnership agreements between these towns created the opportunity to cooperate with other organisations such as: Fire Departments, educational institutions, non-goverment organisations.

In the last years the altar service exchange between Neustein and Reńska Wieś was very popular.

In May 2017 we hosted altar service group of about 25 people from German twin town. These young people learnt about Polish culture, history, traditions and tourist attractions of the region. They visited Cracow.

 To gain money for this international exchanges we are writing projects to many different european institutions.

                                                   Mayor of  Reńska  Wieś town- Marian   Wojciechowski

Informacja o Nagrodzie Flaga Europy dla Gminy Reńska Wieś

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Gmina Reńska Wieś nominowana do Nagrody Europy

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